About The Hop~N~Blueberry Farm

The agritourism based farm specializes in alternative crops such as hops, native blueberries, ramps, and milkweed. The farm is also well known for their work with butterflies including the migrating monarch butterfly where they have a butterfly flight house full of native butterflies and plants. Tours are available to the general public, public and private schools, day camps, and to any specific groups who have desire to learn about sustainable practices such as permaculture, creating native pollinator habitats, growing crops naturally, and using alternative energy just to name a few.

Being one of North Carolina's first hop farms has put them in the front with research of this crop in the state. Working with North Carolina State University and Appalachian State University, they have help provide important information in the growing of hops in the state. Special tours, workshops, and on hands work are available on the farm.

The farm is extremely "green" conscious. They have solar generated electricity and hot water. They use a gravity fed irrigation system. Everything is composted and reused including their two room composting toilet facility. There are many more sustainable practices that are part of the everyday normal operation at the farm such as Integrated Pest Management, cover cropping, no-till practices, permaculture, native material and lumber use, and other use and reuse practices.

A blueberry U-Pick operation will be in full effect in 2015 when the bushes reach maturity and currently the farm sells blueberry bushes, butterfly growing kits, butterfly attracting plants and seeds. Hops are sold locally to breweries and to home brewers. Be sure to check out the online store to see out other products or buy directly at the farm.