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The Hop~N~Blueberry Farm Butterflies

The Hop'n Blueberry farm's goal is to become a model farm for the education and advancement in pollination research. One way that we are actively involved with this is through the study and production native butterflies. The migration of the Monarch butterfly is our premiere butterfly for this work and where the major emphasis is this research is dedicated.

At any one time during the summer months, one can see all stages of this butterfly. From the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and adult, the monarch is always one butterfly on display at the beautiful native flowering butterfly flight house on site. Here one can reach out and let a butterfly land on you as you pass through the peaceful butterfly house full of native butterflies and the plants that attract and feed them. 

Our work with the Xerces Society in providing native pollination habitat has earned us a Certified Native Pollination Habitat status.  As you enter our tours, you will be able to see fields of native flowering plants full of native pollinators.  You will learn how to create this at your own home or facility and what else it takes to keep our pollinators happy and working on your homes, gardens, or farms. 

We have a separate field of milkweed just for the pollinators and especially the Monarch butterflies, whose leaves provide the only thing that the caterpillars eat.  Van has become the "Johnny Appleseed" of milkweed and hands out free milkweed seed to anyone who ask.

Butterfly growing kits, caterpillars, nets, and plant seeds are available at the farm.

Be sure to join us for a farm tour and enjoy all of this and more.